Experiment 1.2 To Study the Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Reaction

Aim :
to study the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate solution and dilute sulphuric acid

Procedure :
1. 50cm3 of 0.2 mol dm-3 sodium thiosulphate solution is measured out using a 100 cm3 measuring cylinder. The solution is then poured into a clean dry conical flask.

2. The conical flask is placed on a pice of paper with a cross “X” marked on it.

3. 5 cm3 of dilute sulphuric acid is measured out by using a 10 cm3 measuring cylinder.
The acid is then quickly poured into sodium thiosulphate solution. The stopwatch is started

4. The reaction mixture is swirled once and the cross “X” is viewed from above.
A yellow precipitate will appear slowly in the conical flask.

5. The stopwatch is stopped as soon as the cross disappears from view and the time taken is

6. Steps 1 to 2 are repeated with different mixtures of sodium thiosulphate solution and the
distilled water as shown in the following table.

Experiment                              1    2   3   4  5
Volume of Na2S2O3 / cm3      50  40 30 20 10
Volume of water / cm3             0   10 20 30 40
Volume of H2SO4/ cm3           5    5   5  5   5

Special Thanks to ace_0106 for typing the procedure.


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