Experiment 3.2: To Study Redox Reaction in terms of Displacement Reaction of a Metal from its Salt Solution

Aim :
To study the redox reaction in terms of displacement reaction of a metal from its salt solution.

Procedure :
1.    A strip of zinc plate and a strip of copper plate are cleaned with sandpaper.
2.    The zinc plate is then immersed in the copper(II) sulphate solution (test tube P) and the copper plate is immersed in silver nitrate solution (test tube Q).
3.    The mixture is left aside for half an hour.
4.    The changes that take place on the zinc plate, the copper plate, and in the copper(II) sulphate solution and the silver nitrate solution are recorded.

Special Thanks to ace_0106 for typing the procedures.

*Test tube P
Zinc plate in copper(II) sulphate solution.

Copper metal is deposited on the zinc plate. The blue colour fades as the concentration of Cu2+ ions decreases.

*test tube Q
The shining silver metal is precipitated on copper plate.


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