Activities 2.6 To Prepare Ethyl Ethanoate

Aim :
To study the chemical properties of ethanoic acid (reaction between ethanoic acid and alcohol)   

Procedure :
1.    2 cm3 of ethanoic acid is poured into a test tube.
2.    4 cm3 of pure ethanol is added to the ethanoic acid.
3.    By using a dropper, four drops of concentrated sulphuric acid are added slowly and carefully to the mixture. The resulting solution is shaken gently.
(Precaution : concentrated sulphuric acid is very corrosive !!!)

4.    The reaction mixture is heated slowly and carefully until it boils. The test tube is shaken continuously.
5.    The contents of the test tube is poured into a beaker half-filled with water.
6.    The odour, colur and solubility of the organic product is obtained and recorded.

The distillate is a colourless liquid and with a fragrant odour. The liquid is insoluble in water and floats on water.
•    organic product (ester)- ethyl ethanoate


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