Chemistry: Activity 8.3 To Prepare Copper(II) Nitrate By The Reaction Between An Acid And A Metal Oxide

About 30cm3 of 1 mol dm-3 nitric acid is put in a beaker and is heated. Using a spatula, copper(II) oxide is added a little at a time, to the hot nitric acid while stirring continuously with a glass rod. The addition of copper(II) oxide is stopped when some black solids remain undissolved.

The mixture is filtered to remove the excess copper(II) oxide.

The filtrate is evaporated until a saturated solution is formed. The saturated solution is then allowed to cool to room temperature.

This is the copper(II) nitrate salt formed.

For more details on how to carry out this activity, please refer to Oxford Fajar reference book, or other similar reference book.


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